Paediatric Concept Nasal Mask

A lightweight, soft, easy to use mask that is contoured to provide a comfortable and leak-free seal for the newborn and infant.mask1

A unique feature of the Concept mask is that it is soft.  This softness is achieved with a design that removes the need for hard plastic parts found in other masks.  Instead, the soft silicone cushion is self-supporting via reinforcement within the cushion itself.

Can be used on any CPAP or BIPAP machine


Key Design Benefits

Comfort: The softness of the mask together with its contoured shape ensures the cushion sits comfortably on the child’s face.

Leak-free seal: As air pressure is applied, the cushion is inflated and gently forced against the face creating an effective and comfortable seal.

Ease-of-Use: The elimination of rigid support structures reduces the number of parts, thus ensuring ease-of-use.

Lightness: Fewer parts also means the mask feels light on the face.

Visibility: The transparent material means the parent and/or caregiver can see the child’s nose and nares.


Light, small-bore tubing: removes the heavy air-tube away from the child (and reduces the  opportunity for  little fingers to disconnect the tubing)

Rotating swivel: ensures movement of the tubing does not dislodge mask

Reinforcing ribs: provides structural integrity without the need for hard plastic support


Soft-seal membrane: Inflates against the face
for an effective and comfortable seal

Headgear: A quality 5 point headgear provides stable and secure anchor to the head. The side-straps gently “hug” the face and ensure the mask stays securely fitted during movement

The mask is available in two sizes:

Size 0 – suitable for newborns up to 1 month
Size 2 – suitable for infants from 2 to 12 months

(Ages given as a guide only and is dependent on weight and the unique characteristics of each infant)


The Paediatric Concept Nasal Mask System is not available for sale in the USA.

Contact us with any sales order enquiries or questions.

Pictures taken at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.