For parents and caregivers

Dear parents and caregivers,

Caring for a child who suffer from sleep disordered breathing is a daunting responsibility. We have spent countless hours of research and experimentation to be able to assist you in this adventure with one of the most efficient and comfortable treatments to date, our Paediatric Concept Nasal Mask.

In order to make the most out of the mask system, we encourage you to consult the complete instructions for use, which contain some tips and instructions in regards to the fitting, use and maintenance of the Mask system.

Testimonies from experienced users of the mask and clinical experts can be very useful – find them in our education and resources section.

Note that the Paediatric Concept Mask system is intended for Single Patient Use only. When your child initiates treatment, they should be fitted with a new mask system. All the components (mask, headgear, tubing, and a copy of the instructions for use) shall be new, out of their original packaging, and have not been used by any other patient than your child.

Using a Mask which has been used by another patient, and which has likely been submitted to a sterilization  process, is not recommented. The Mask, and its components, have not been designed for this application and may not perform in a safe and effective way if used after having been sterilized.